There is nothing more annoying than seeing outside insects and pest invading your sweet home in a regular manner. It can be very frustrating when you don’t know the way to stop this invasion.

However, the good news is, you can actually control some common pest situation on your own. There is no need to hire professional service and pay them bucks when you can solve the problem on your own. You just have to be careful and knowledgeable about the procedure. As pest control involves poisonous chemicals, you have to be careful with those.

Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons are probably the most harmful animal for your house materials, they will literally eat anything they happened to find. A house with a backyard full of garbage can be a favorite spot for the raccoons. Chemicals can keep out the raccoons away from your house for a short time, but eventually they will ignore those. So here are some tips to keep raccoons away:

  • There should not be any tree branches touching your roof line, if there is, cut those immediately
  • Inspect the chimney of your house. If it is open, add a cap to it. Fireplace chimney is a great hangout place for raccoons
  • Raccoons are easily attracted by fruits, vegetables and garbage, so you need to clean your house surrounding regularly.
  • Electric fence can also be an option if you want to keep your plant safe from the raccoons

Use Mousetrap

If you don’t want to use chemicals for get rid of mice, you can use mousetrap effectively. Mouse trap may seem like a cruel way to get rid of mice, but it is far better than poisonous chemical death. The placement of mouse trap is very important inside your house. There is no need to set too much, just on the right spot. Setting mousetrap close to the wall is the best way to do it. Peanut and chocolate can be very effective bait to trap mouse, this was a tip from pest control Brampton which i hired onetime for my mother’s place in Ontario.

Common Reasons of Pest Infestation

There are some common reasons why pest populate inside your house. You have to find out those reasons to stop their growth. For example, ants are very common problem in household. It is very difficult to completely get rid of ants in your house. Usually ants reach your house through tree branches touching your rooftop. The branch become medium for pest to enter your house. You have to cut those branches and leave a distance between the house and trees.

Squirrels get inside your house through different holes in the vents or roof. You have to do a proper inspection for roof leaks. The gaps along the roofline provides a perfect space for the bats and squirrel to enter the house. Seal those gaps to stop their entry.

Cockroaches are very fond of cardboard, you have to clean those regularly to stop roaches entering your house. Roaches are very difficult to get rid of. But a clean house is never a suitable spot for them.

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