Rugs are unique in color and have different shapes and patterns. There is a wide misconception that cleaning rugs are the same as the cleaning of the carpet. However, that is not the case. Rugs need special care and attention and it is different than carpet cleaning. One needs to understand that rugs are a very important part of the home and a cleaned rug is very important for a beautiful and healthy atmosphere. So, here is how rug cleaning must be done.

Basic Rug Cleaning

The basic rug cleaning is indifferent to the size and pattern of the rug. This is more of a regular practice than anything else.

Vacuum the area of the rug is an absolute mandate at home. Rugs tend to attract dust, allergens, and bacteria throughout. These particles get stuck to the fiber of the rug and vacuum cleaning regularly remove such particles. The fiber of the rug should not have these particles for a long time. If not cleaned regularly, the fiber might lose the vibrancy of it. You can also call a professional company such as Carpet Cleaning Oakville our sponsors.

If you have a pet at home, then a soft brush can be used to remove the pet hair. Well, one needs to ensure that the brush is very soft else, the softness of the rug is going to be impacted. The brushing should also be done very gently throughout the rug surface for better results.

The edge of the rugs is the first area to wear out. Thus it is very important that edges are rotated. The rug must be rotated frequently so, the foot traffic falls evenly on all the edges. This becomes absolutely necessary when the rug is placed in an area where many people visit during the day. One can do it even during the holiday season when the number of visitors at home is more.

One can also keep shaking the rug to remove the dirt. As the rugs are smaller in size and light in weight, this becomes easy to do it. The bigger particles of dust generally get removed by shaking. Thus, vacuum-cleaning after shaking becomes more effective. This is not mandatory for rug cleaning but definitely an effective practice.

Stain Removal

Stains on rugs are very common and people often struggle to remove it. There are multiple ways to do it. There is a home mode solution such as vinegar and baking soda that can be applied to the stained area. Once dried for a couple of days, it can be scrubbed off. Dish washing detergent can also be used as well to remove the stain. However, there are products in the market for stain removal specifically for the rugs that can also be used for stain removal.

Deep Cleaning

Despite all the efforts that you put in, the rugs need deep cleaning. This is important for the health and lifespan of the rugs. A rug might need spot cleaning or dry cleaning or some specific other types of cleaning depending on the material. It is always advised to ask professionals to do the deep cleaning for rugs frequently for better results.

How to Clean Rugs effectively Any Time