There are many things that are good for your mind and body, healthy eating and sleeping for example. You can also add travelling to that list. Travelling is great for your mind and body. A regular traveler can fell the thrill and excitement of a travel. It is always a fun thing to do whether you go alone or go with somebody. You feel relaxed and stress free. Our daily life has become full of tension and stress. A trip every now and then can really give you some comfort.


Travelling has many health benefits. Some of those are listed below:

Good for Your Heart

You can think it in that way, any kind of physical activity is good for your body. When you travel a lot, your physical activity is increased. This helps to keep your heart healthy and a fresh mind. When you are running to the airport, you don’t really feel that tired like normal physical activity. It is because, travelling brings that excitement to your activity. You are looking forward to visit a new location with lots of things to discover. You forget about the stress and tiredness. Studies have also shown that regular travelers have lesser risk of developing heart condition.

 Sharp Mind

Travelling helps you to keep your mind sharp. Your brain activity is increased during a travel, so it is good for your brain health also. Our brain is developed according to situation. When we travel to new location, our brain experience new things and develop resilience to that. We become more aware of different situations due to active mind. Travelling stimulates our brain and keeps it healthy. Travelling introduces us to new location, food, culture, customs and many other things. We learn those things and enrich our minds.

Improve Creativity

You may have already noticed that writers travel a lot. It is because, travelling is known to increase creativity of a mind. Travelling introduces us to new things, our mind gets new ideas and our creativity is improved in that process. Our mind is always influenced by what is happening around us. You cannot imagine new situation without actually being there. So when you travel a lot, your brain is influenced by the surroundings. Studies have also shown that, when a certain mind is exposed to a new culture, it gets new ideas. Engaging in new situations and adopting new cultures can really boost your creativity.

Improve Perspective

A narrow mind will remain in that way if you don’t give it a chance to improve. Our perspective, ethics, judgements are based on things surrounding us. So when we grow up, our mind builds a perspective and we always think it that way. Regular travelling to new location can really shift your perspective. We have to know that there is a whole world out there, which you are yet to discover. Travelling will put you in situations which you may never experience without it. Travelling broadens are perspective and makes us more smart.

Why Travelling is Good for You