Travel Destinations of Asia


Asia is full of amazing traveling destinations. So if you are planning your next tour, you should visit those amazing spots of Asia. There are plenty of places to visit and you might not have the time to visit those all. To make thighs easier for you here are some stunning spots of Asia you should definitely visit

Altai Siberia

This is the one place of Asia you should not miss at any cost while travelling for the first time. The view of Siberian mountains is mesmerizing and beautiful. The Altai mountains are located in the western part of Siberia. You will enjoy a mix of all the things nature can offer like mountains, river, lakes and forest. There are plenty of rare animals here which also add more excitement to this place. Animal species like snow leopard can only be seen here in the Altai mountains of Siberia. This will be one tour you will remember for quite a long time.


You may have already heard about this beautiful part of India. This place is located almost 1300 feet above the mean level of Sea. So the rainfall in this region is greater than any other region of India. The weather is always rainy and the view is always lush green. This place represents one of the most beautiful natural view of the world. There is also dry season in this region but it only last about months. The recent climate change has taken its tool in this part of India and the climate is changing.


River Sindhu

The 3000 Km river is one of the most beautiful river of the world. The origin of this river is the ices of great Himalaya. Along the very long route of this river different nature can be observed. This river has been a great source for irrigation for the natives. The natural beauty of this river is hard to explain with words. You have to see this river of Pakistan if you are visiting Asia.


Another travel destination of India which is greatly known for its production of cotton. The flood in this region is most unexpected and the rainfall is also inconsistent. This place is a darling of Nature and you it should be on your list of places to visit in Asia.


The country Maldives consist 1200 little islands and all of those are beautiful. This country is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. You will see plenty of sea corals, rate exotic trees and huge amount of sunlight. This place is a paradise on the Earth. Thought travelling in Maldives can be a little expensive but this is one place you should not miss at any cost.


Your Asia tour will be incomplete without visiting Bangkok. This capital is the center of culture and politics. You can expect a flood any time during the rainy season in Bangkok, so try to avoid that season if you are visiting.


Top 3 vacation destinations



Even if you happen to be working from home, you might still need a vacation once in a while. Having to work from the comfort of your own home does not necessarily mean that the actual work you are doing is easier or less stressful. On the contrary, there are times (especially around rapidly approaching deadlines) when you tend to get even more stressed out. It’s like the universe is plotting against you, and doesn’t want you to get any work done. If that’s the case, then you definitely need some time off. So here are the top 3 destinations you could pick from this summer. Or, better yet, you could visit all three!

  1. Morocco

Morocco has recently become one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. Being one of the only three countries (alongside France and Spain) that has access both to the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco has its capital in Rabat. However, the largest city in Morocco and one of the largest cities in all of Africa is Casablanca. While in Casablanca, you can visit places like “Hassan II Mosque”, “Abderrahman Slaoui” Museum, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, “Ayin Diab” and “La Corniche” beaches or the Habous Quartier. Other interesting places you might want to see include but are not limited to “Mahakma du Pasha”, Yasmina amusement park or even Villa des Arts.


  1. Turkey

Given its incredibly diverse cultural heritage, Turkey is definitely one of the most suitable places for you to visit this summer. One of the only two countries that lay both in Europe and Asia, Turkey has experienced a rapid growth in tourism in the last twenty years. This should not come as a surprise, especially if you take into account the fact that this country alone hosts two of the seven wonders of the world: The Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. If you happen to travel to Turkey this summer, you may also want to go to Istanbul to check out the Mahmutpasha Bazaar which is one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets.

  1. Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is one of the most highly populated countries in the world, with around 90 and a half million inhabitants. However, it is not only one of the most beautiful places to spend your vacation, but also one of the cheapest destinations on this list. Just like in Morocco, the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is the second largest city of this country. Also known as “the Paris of Asia”, Hanoi has countless temples and pagodas that you can enjoy. Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, along with a very large number of lakes, tree-fringe boulevards, French colonial buildings and parks make Hanoi the ideal holiday destination for you and your family.


How to travel safe around the world


Traveling is required for everyone to explore the beautiful world. The mental fatigue that we accumulate during our life gets completely off from the amazing natural beauty or the archeological excellence of the past. However, that does not mean that one should be completely careless and out of the mind while freaking out in the vacation. It is very important to be equally responsible and careful while traveling. I have listed out many things as the necessary guide as part of the traveling in my experience. It is good to travel but it is best to have a safe travel and unforgettable memories. Here are the important measures that one must take care of while traveling especially abroad.

Limit yourself

You should know your limit all the time. As I said before, traveling can help you get rid of the mental fatigue. However, it also freaks you out. Partying and consumption of alcohol is common scene among the tourists especially the young people. They tend to forget that they are in a different country and they should behave properly. One or two time boozing is not so bad, but that does not mean that you should be drunk to the end. You should not drink much and control yourself. There are instances of tourists fight with locals and end up in jail or hospital. So, don’t peel off the wonderful charm of the tour.

Carry your Documents


Make sure you have all the documents ready with you. Your Passport should always be with you and most importantly you should have copy of the documents as well. There have been instances when people lost their documents and end up in huge trouble.

Don’t show off

I have personally seen people showing off during vacation becoming the easy targets of the bad intentions. There are people who are always watching you to rob or to steal. If you exhibit your costly watch or nice dress, then you become the soft target. Never show your wealth to the people when you are visiting. It is not also a wise idea to carry cash and lots of credit cards along with you. You must understand that you are traveling to enjoy the vacation time with friends and family, not to exhibit your cash.

Be aware of strangers

If you are traveling abroad and strangers are forcibly trying to befriend with you, try to ignore them. The strangers try to give you some or other candies to impress you and then cheat you in some manner. It is very important to stay safe in abroad.

Know about the country

Make sure you know about the country before you set off. The rules, regulations and the consequences that you can face in the traveling country should be well known.

A wise traveler is someone who always enjoys the trip but remains within the limits and takes measures for safe travels. So, if you want to maximize the fun, then minimize the unnecessary risks associated.

10 Travel Tips that you should follow before travelling Abroad

Traveling is real fun and stress buster too. Daily work creates metal fatigue which leads to the need of a desperate break. Traveling in near around places and in the own country is not so much a matter to be worried about. However, packing the bags for the overseas may need some preparation and tips.

Many times it has been observed that people come into trouble while they travel overseas because of under preparation and that is why safe travel tips have its utmost significance.

Here are the 10 Travel Tips for that you should follow before traveling abroad.

train station

Documents: Documents are the most important parts of your baggage. Ensure that your Passport is valid and recognized. Also know the country you are traveling to and if a Visa is required to travel before reaching the country then apply it well before time.

Travel Plan: Travel Planning is an important part of your journey. The timing should be decided on the weather of the nation. If you are paying a visit to a country which is Hot and Humid then it is better to travel in the time of winter than summer.

Know the Destination: Destination that you are travelling to is the second most important thing. Know as much as you can about your destination. The food, the culture and the language are a most important part for any country and you should be well aware of it.

Contacts: Before visiting the destination, always get the emergency numbers of the country. The most important numbers should be of the Embassy of your Country in the visiting nation.

Analyze the situation: There is nothing above time and you should understand the fact. Try to get information about the visiting nation and the current political situation. If there are any disturbances going on then it is better to abort the tour.


Medical Checkup: Pay a visit to your doctor before leaving for the trip. To maximize the adventure and enjoyment you should be physically fit and a medical checkup will ensure your health status.

Currency Exchange: Get an idea about the Currency of the visiting nation. Understand the exchange rate and get some currency exchanged before travelling to the destination.

Money Management: It is not advisable to carry huge cash with you. However, having money in your account is utmost important. Try to use the cash-less transactions as much as possible. But you should have some cash always available with you for emergency conditions.

Understand the rules: It is better to understand the rules of the visiting country. Sometimes it becomes a matter of harassment and hassle reaching a country without knowing the rules. For example, in some countries, traveling with Pet is not allowed. Also, there are many things that may be banned in the visiting country whereas you can carry it in your own. So, be careful.

Travel Management: Last but not the least; your travel should be well managed. You should always book your hotel well in advance. Try to carry a map or have GPS enabled in your phone to locate the positions. Also, make sure you have a clear idea about the attractions of the visiting place and have already chalked them out.

In short, you should travel well prepared before taking the flight to the visiting country. It will ensure a hassle free and memorable journey which you can cherish all your life. Read more articles on my blog here.

Home Improvement Tips

A handsome construction man using a hammer to nail together wood

Your house may look a bit boring and plain if you have just returned from a vacation. During your vacation you may have visited a lot of cool places and some amazing houses. So after returning you may feel that your house should look better. Buying a new a house is very costly in this market, so it is better if you remodel your existing house. The good thing about home improvement is that, it is not costly any the curb appeal of your house will change drastically. So here are some cool ideas for you if you are thinking about a house remodeling.

Choose the Improvement Sectors

Before jumping into the remodeling project you must have a proper planning about the whole renovation project. There are hundreds of things you can change about your house. You won’t be doing that all in a single project. So choose which parts of your house needs to be changed or repaired. You can also calculate the costing of the different home improvement ideas. For example adding a bathroom will cost you a lot than a window treatment. A proper planning is helpful before any remodeling work.

Saving Time

There are different types of home improvement ideas for you. Each comes with different costing and estimated time of completion. You should choose the ideas which are less time consuming and affordable. Your home improvement ideas will also depend on the weather. For example, if the winter is coming, you should concrete more on heat related home improvement projects. Choosing the right time with the right idea is very important. Different home improvement work take different time for completion. Choose the one you need urgently.


The Right Tools

You need to have the right tool for the home improvement work. Your bare hands are not enough for the complete work. So a basic set of tools are needed for home improvement project. You should equip your toolbox with basic items which will be needed in a house remodeling project. Having the right tool will save your money and time in a project like home improvement.

Right Contractor

If you want to hire a contractor for the house remodeling work, you should hire the right one for this job. House remodeling can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to do it. So hiring professional roofers in Montreal is always recommended if you don’t have enough time and remodeling skill. Get to know about your contractor before giving him the remodeling project, Toiture Laval does a great job in explaining to customers their work. For example house roofing work requires contractors with experience in house roofing. You must find out contractor’s previous roofing work and then give the contract.

So these are some basic things you should be aware about before starting a remodeling work. If you follow above steps, house remodeling won’t be difficult for you. Your house will get a new and better look if the house improvement is done rightly. So consider above factor before any kind of house renovation work.


Tips for a Healthier Home


Before leaving on vacation you mist take precaution of the cleaning in your house.

It won’t cost a lot if you want to keep your home environment healthy and safe before taking off. In fact there are some affordable and simple ways of keeping a healthy environment. A few changes can create a better and safer environment within your house. We often use many cleaning products to keep our house germ-free. But it also expose us to toxic chemicals which can be harmful for our children. Safe and healthy house environment means limited exposure to harmful chemicals. As the presence of toxic chemicals are everywhere, it is very difficult to avoid its exposure. So here are some tips for you to limit the exposure to those chemicals in some affordable ways –

Cleaning House Dust

Carpet Cleaning is a must. Dust is one of the most common cause of allergies. You have to keep the house dust under control to ensure a healthy environment. Toxic chemicals are often mixed with dust and inhaling those can lead to some serious health issues. The house dust situation should never be taken lightly as it poses a serious threat to the health of your family. The best solution for dust cleaning is carpet treatment. You have to clean your carpets regular as those are the main sources of dust. Rug Cleaning Montreal is your best source of help.  Regular carpet cleaning will keep your house environment dust free and healthy. You can also hire carpet cleaning service for this.

Avoid Smoking

If you want to keep your house environment safe and healthy and you are a smoker, you have to choose one of those. It is time to kick your smoking habit to create a nicotine free environment in your house. Second hand smoking is way more serious threat for the health of our children. Exposure to nicotine is the primary reason behind asthma. So why keep a habit which is both harmful for you and your family. Quit smoking today and ensure a healthier environment for your house.


Pesticide Usage

Whatever kill roaches, ants and mice can also cause serious health problems for your family. Using pesticides expose us to raw chemicals which can lead to a wide range of health problems. And pesticides are expensive too, so way use this harmful chemicals. Save health and save money by stopping the usage of pesticides within your home. Being proactive will keep your house clean and healthy. Some simple actions can keep your house pest free. Like regular cleaning of dishes will keep roaches away.

Filter Water

Polluted water is the common cause of many health related issues. If you are using tap water you should filter it before using. Filtered tap water is the best choice for you when it comes to drinking. Bottled water can be harmful as many contamination can happen within a bottle. Researchers have found many different types of contamination within a bottle. If your tap water is regulated by some health organization that it is safe to drink it, but use some filtering process before drinking it.

So apply these simple tips today and keep your house clean and healthy and you wont have issues in your house again. And you will leave on vacation feeling safe and clean.

Tips for Beach Vacation with Kids

beach-276417_640Everybody loves to visit a beach during summertime. The memories of a beach vacations are always exciting and beautiful. Having a beach vacation on your own is one thing, but when you are thinking about taking your child you should take some extra precaution. To arrange a successful beach vacation with your children, so you should consider some things before taking your children there. Here are tips for you for the safekeeping of your children –

Early Arrival

Try to arrive at the beach as early as possible. The beach will be a less crowded that time and you can enjoy the beauty of the beach with your children. Your kids are likely to sleep early in the morning, so try to wake them early and prepare them for the beach. If you arrive at the beach early, you will have lots of daytime to play with the water and sands. Your kids will love the beach early in the morning.

A Place to Stay

You should setup a tent for your children. Playing in the water and sands will be exhausting for your children. They will get tired and will look for place to rest. Arrange a good coverage for your children. Setting up a tent is not that difficult and you can learn that easily. Your children can take a nap there and you can also have your lunch in the tent. A well set tent will make your beach vacation enjoyable and fun.

Consider a Bathroom Option

A travel bathroom is not that difficult to find. You will need a portable bathroom for your children. Also keep some toilet paper and soap with you. You will find out how useful a portable toilet can be when you visit the beach with your kids.

Planning for Food and Water

A summer beach is a hot place. Your kids will sweat a lot and you need to hydrate them with water. So keep water with you for your kids. It is better if you can arrange an ice bucket to keep the water bottles there. Also keep some fruits with in your travel bags. Your kids will be hungry after hours of playing in the water. Fruits are the best option for hunger. You can also pack a lunch for them if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time. Finding a place to eat is also very important. Beaches are sandy and there are dust everywhere. So find a place with a minimum exposure to sands.


The Usual Things

You should not forget about the usual things you carry while going on a beach. The towels, tissues, soap, sunglasses, sun block cream and hats. These are some stuffs you should always carry. Also take an umbrella with you just in case.

Your kids are likely to spend their time on the beach playing. So take some toys like balls, water guns and other stuffs suitable for kids. Your beach vacation with your kids will be a successful one if you follow the above tips.