Asia is full of amazing traveling destinations. So if you are planning your next tour, you should visit those amazing spots of Asia. There are plenty of places to visit and you might not have the time to visit those all. To make thighs easier for you here are some stunning spots of Asia you should definitely visit

Altai Siberia

This is the one place of Asia you should not miss at any cost while travelling for the first time. The view of Siberian mountains is mesmerizing and beautiful. The Altai mountains are located in the western part of Siberia. You will enjoy a mix of all the things nature can offer like mountains, river, lakes and forest. There are plenty of rare animals here which also add more excitement to this place. Animal species like snow leopard can only be seen here in the Altai mountains of Siberia. This will be one tour you will remember for quite a long time.


You may have already heard about this beautiful part of India. This place is located almost 1300 feet above the mean level of Sea. So the rainfall in this region is greater than any other region of India. The weather is always rainy and the view is always lush green. This place represents one of the most beautiful natural view of the world. There is also dry season in this region but it only last about months. The recent climate change has taken its tool in this part of India and the climate is changing.


River Sindhu

The 3000 Km river is one of the most beautiful river of the world. The origin of this river is the ices of great Himalaya. Along the very long route of this river different nature can be observed. This river has been a great source for irrigation for the natives. The natural beauty of this river is hard to explain with words. You have to see this river of Pakistan if you are visiting Asia.


Another travel destination of India which is greatly known for its production of cotton. The flood in this region is most unexpected and the rainfall is also inconsistent. This place is a darling of Nature and you it should be on your list of places to visit in Asia.


The country Maldives consist 1200 little islands and all of those are beautiful. This country is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. You will see plenty of sea corals, rate exotic trees and huge amount of sunlight. This place is a paradise on the Earth. Thought travelling in Maldives can be a little expensive but this is one place you should not miss at any cost.


Your Asia tour will be incomplete without visiting Bangkok. This capital is the center of culture and politics. You can expect a flood any time during the rainy season in Bangkok, so try to avoid that season if you are visiting.


Travel Destinations of Asia